Current station history

Since the closure of Queenstown, many attempts had been made by individuals to site a lifeboat in the harbour. However, in May 1998, a local community group (comprising of a cross-section of water users) formed to approach the RNLI. The timing coincided with the Institution’s own review of the coastline. Based on the level of activity in the area, the availability of crew and temporary facilities, a decision was taken to place an Atlantic 21 on evaluation for 12 months beginning April 2000. The station was declared fully operational in June 2001.

Station Timeline
Year Details
3 April 2000 Atlantic 21 class lifeboat B-575 John Batstone arrives with instructors from ILC Cowes (Steve Simmonds and Howard Ramm) to commence on-station training. The boat was positioned on the Royal Cork Yacht Club marina, and worked out of temporary containers ashore.
27 June 2000 Following a detailed Inspector’s assessment by then Training Divisional Inspector Owen Medland, Crosshaven Lifeboat Station was declared operational at about 1830.  Barely 10 minutes later, the pagers activated for the first “official” shout – having had several others during the period of workup.
June 2001 The Institution declared the station a permanent facility
23 June 2002 Operations moved to the permanent boathouse on Hugh Coveney Pier.  A relief Atlantic 75 lifeboat, B-718, Rotaract I, had been on station prior to the move for crew familiarisation.
25 June 2002 B-782, Miss Betty, our station boat, arrived on station.
TBC Helm Aidan O’Connor awarded Thanks on Vellum for the rescue of a surfer in heavy conditions off Church Bay, with Vellum Service Certificates given to Mark Bushe and Bernard Lynch. Photos
23 June 2016 B-782 Miss Betty retired to relief fleet. B-892 John and Janet on station.

Swapping B-718 for B-782.


Relief lifeboat B-718 Rotaract I and the new Crosshaven Lifeboat B-782 Miss Betty alongside each other. Photo © Mark Bushe

Some photos of our early days operating in the Royal Cork YC can be seen below.

Construction of our new station and lifeboat B-782

Pictures of Aidan and Mark receiving their awards.  Also shown is a photo of Crosshaven RNLI crew members representing the entire RNLI at the Annual National Service for Seafarers in St. Paul’s Cathedral, London.