Our boathouse

Our boathouse is on the Hugh Coveney Pier in the village. A piled platform supports the entire station. The structure contains a boathall (smaller than usual as we do not have a tractor), a crew training room, equipment room, mechanic’s stores & workshop, station office/operations room, and a souvenir display area.

LB Station from water v1

Our boat is stored on a small trolley which travels on rails. This is rolled out to the davit (crane) at the edge of the platform, where the boat is craned into the water with the crew on board. This is a very efficient method of launching, allowing us to maintain our current turnout time of about five minutes in all weathers.

We moved into the station on Sunday, 23 June 2002, just in time for the arrival of our new boat the following Thursday.  The photos below show different elements of the station layout.